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Methods and Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

A carpet is a common thing that is seen in the living rooms of the house as well as offices. It prevents the floors from getting filthy, but in the course of the process, the carpet is full of dirt and debris. When we talk about commercial carpet cleaning, it is not the job of a rookie and needs experts at work because it is very different from the carpet that is used at home. An office owner will be on the look-out for a commercial carpet cleaner to get them cleaned thoroughly so that there is no lint left, and they are completely safe.

Effectiveness of Clean Carpets

· Cleaning the carpets in offices will not only make the business look better, but it can help improving the air quality. Carpet acts as a filter for the air and will hold onto dust and allergens until it is properly cleaned. Even if the carpet doesn’t look that dirty, it may have a lot of unseen dirt and allergens.

· Commercial carpet can also hold on to a large amount of dirt and debris without being noticed, so visitors and employees aren’t put off. This can make the cleaning of it, even more challenging, especially with all the greases and oils that get mixed in overtime. This allows the dirt to get embedded into the carpet fiber, where vacuuming isn’t as effective as it is in the domestic carpets.

· With professional carpet cleaning, most of the lint will be removed, helping the carpet last longer and making it look much better. Carpet that is not cleaned regularly will look worn-out in high-traffic areas and will lose its shine over- time and look dull. Professional carpet cleaning will help in removing the dullness by getting-rid of all the oils and dirt that is present in the carpet fibers, which allows the carpet to look better and brighter.

A competent carpet cleaner is needed to provide high-class carpet cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning Methods for Commercial Carpets

There are a few different methods, which are applied for cleaning commercial carpets. Vacuuming is always important and should be done on a regular basis in-between cleanings.

For some businesses, a low moisture method can be a good option. Low moisture carpet cleaning methods can enhance the look of the carpet and will dry quickly so the carpet can be used right away. Some of these methods include:

  • Encapsulation

  • Cleaning Bonnet

  • Cleaning Rotating

  • Brush Cleaning

All these methods use a small amount of moisture and makes the carpet look cleaner.

The Sum-Up

For more thorough cleaning, hot water extraction is needed. This office carpet cleaning process consists of pre-spraying the carpet and then thoroughly rinses the carpet with a rinsing agent. This is the way carpet is designed to be cleaned, and hot water extraction is the best process for cleaning all synthetic carpet and is our main and recommended cleaning process.

We at We Care Cleaning Services provide professional carpet cleaning to our customers at an affordable price.

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