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Floor Waxing, Stripping and Refinishing ServiceS

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Floor Stripping and Refinishing

Is there unsightly stains on your floor? Did you just get new floors installed and need them maintained to ensure they last long? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you have reached the right company to meet your needs. We Care Cleaning Services has access to the supplies and equipment that will shine, buff, wax, clean and restore your floor to a close to new state.

We have the experience to clean and maintain floor types such as:

  •        Hardwood flooring

  •        Laminate flooring

  •        VCT Tile

  •        Concrete

  •        Vinyl flooring

  •        Cork

  •        and Linoleum


If you're looking a specialized floor cleaning for you apartments, franchise, dealership, retail store, office, school, university, or business, use our contact form and get a reasonable quote from us today.        

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