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Commercial Cleaning Services

We Care Cleaning Services combines years of experience to provide professional cleaning that will keep your business looking its best. Customers and employees respond positively to a clean environment. Our cleaning technicians are instructed to pay close attention to the details of your specifications. We have certain tasks included in our general cleaning of your facility.

These services are:

  •        Collecting and disposal of trash.

  •        Sweeping and mopping floors.

  •        Vacuuming carpeted areas.

  •        Wiping off counters, tables and dry-wiping computer screens. 

  •        Wiping down of appliances.

  •        Sanitizing bathroom area floors, toilets and sinks.

  •        Replenishing of soaps, paper towels, and other supplies.

  •        Removal of dust from fixtures, walls, and any areas we find with  an accumulation of dust.


Showrooms, offices, bathrooms, break rooms, and more; We Care Cleaning Services provides a premiere commercial cleaning regimen to improve or maintain the good look of your business.


If you need commercial cleaning for your apartments, franchise, dealership, retail store, office, school, university, or business, use our contact form and get a reasonable quote from us today.        

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